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Centerfire Rifle
100 & 50 yd

50 yd

Rimfire Rifle
50 yd

10 & 20 yd

Range Fees
Adult - $23.92*
Minor - $13.80* 
plus 8.7% sales tax

Please see Membership for details.


Firearm Rental Program

CCGC Rentals

How often have you wanted to try a firearm before you bought one, to see how they fit, or just to try shooting something different? The CCGC Rental Program allows this on a safe and controlled range.

Whether you are a new shooter searching for your first handgun or an experienced shooter wanting to try something new, we can supply you with our firearms for you to try.

The images to the left are only a small sample of what we have for your use. see the complete list of rentals here!

Fees & Eligibility Requirements
Eligibility Requirements vary on the firearm being rented and will be detailed in the rental agreement. We've summarized the major requirements here to give you a general understanding. The requirements listed here are not all-inclusive.

You must:

  • Purchase an adult day-membership
  • Be legally allowed to own & shoot firearms
  • Be 21 or older for all rental of any firearm
  • Follow all range rules and regulations

  • Scheduling

    Since the firearms are not kept at the range, rentals must be pre-scheduled to ensure that we have the right firearm and ammunition for your use.

    Ammunition for Firearm Rentals

    To protect and ensure the continued safety and maintenance of our firearms, we are required to limit ammunition shot through them to that which is sourced from CCGC; no exceptions.

    Brass Policy for Firearm Rentals

    All spent cases resulting from ammunition shot through CCGC rental firearms shall remain the sole property of and left in the possession of CCGC. Shooters are not allowed to collect and remove those cases from the range.

    Firearm Sales

    CCGC does NOT sell firearms. We work with select local dealers and will refer you to them for your purchase. We don't receive remuneration through gun sales or from our referrals and will not try to steer you towards a specific firearm make, model or caliber.

    Available Firearms
    We have an ever-expanding list of firearms available for rent. If you don't see what you want, ask us; we might have what you're looking for or something close to it!

    Remedial Actions

    The following actions will be taken should a shooter renting a CCGC firearm act in an unsafe manner or violate any of the rental polices including shooting their own ammunition through a rental firearm or attempting to remove cases produced from a rental firearm from the range:

  • Removed from the range with no refund
  • Banned from the range for a 1-month period (for the first infraction)
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