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Empty Cartridge Case Collection Policy

As the range gets busier it has become necessary for us to remind our guests of our empty cartridge case collection policy.

CCGC is very supportive of those who reload and shoot their own ammunition. To that end we want to ensure that those who reload ammunition for their own personal use are able to recover as many of their own spent cartridge cases as possible!

We very much appreciate those who ask if we allow the general collection of empty cartridge cases left by others or if we sell ones that we collect to others at the range. Our recycling program precludes both of those activities.

While we support your collecting your own cartridge cases, we do not allow people to rummage through our buckets or to pick up quantities of cartridge cases shot by others.

Empty cartridge cases left at the range by a shooter becomes the property of the range.

Like other ranges, CCGC derives revenue by selling left over cartridge cases to a variety of sources. This revenue helps fund range improvements and keep range fees as low as possible. When someone takes cartridge cases left by others they are denying the range that revenue which directly impacts our ability to enhance range operations.

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