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Range Incident Database

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The Range Incident Database, or RID, is a communications tool used by the management of this range and others to record, track and share information regarding particular shooters who demonstrate a lack of safety, adherence to rules or other tendencies that have raised concern of the Range Safety Officers (RSOs). Remedial actions are included and ranked in order of severity.

We will use RID to determine if a particular shooter has caused issues at other ranges and will potentially bar them from our range for infractions that caused them to be expelled, banned or disciplined by other ranges.

Safety is paramount to us. We have a Zero Tolerance for anyone who fails to follow or has chosen to ignore the range safety rules and procedures; and, have no compunction to remove someone we feel is being unsafe and adding them to RID.

Like the 'Bad Check' database, you do not want your name included in RID.

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