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Clark County Gun Club Installs NEW Chronograph Technology That Uses Doppler Radar

Since assuming operations of The English Pit Shooting Range we have tried to provide our visitors the best equipment that we can find (and afford). Chronographs are one of those shooting accessories that we have provided on a no-charge basis.

For those unfamiliar with them, a chronograph measures projectile speed at a fixed distance from the muzzle. This data is particularly useful to those who reload their own ammunition and long distance shooters. Combining the projectile speed with other physical and environmental factors, the projectile's trajectory, speed, power factor, etc. can be calculated for any distance.

Today's typical chronograph relies on the projectile passing over two optical sensors. The shadow of the projectile starts and stops a counter which is the basis for the speed calculation. This requires ideal lighting and that the projectile pass very close to the sensors. If the person firing the projectile is not careful it can strike the chronograph. Since a chronograph is typically set up only 10 to 15 yards in front of the muzzle, a bullet strike can cause significant damage making it useless until replacement parts are installed. This has repeatedly happened to ours.

A new generation of chronographs use Doppler radar to track and measure projectile speed. Chronographs using Doppler radar are immune to the many shortcomings of optically triggered chronographs. See the comparison of Optical vs. Doppler below.

We've replaced our problematic optical technology with state-of-the-art Doppler radar! We are excited for you to give our new Doppler radar chronographs a spin!


Optical Chronographs Doppler Chronographs


2 optical sensors (3 on hi-accuracy models) triggered by the shadow cast as an object passes over them

Radar actively tracks an object to beyond 100 yards


Works only in optimal lighting conditions or with optional incandescent or IR illumination

Works in all lighting conditions - including pitch dark without needing any additional accessories

Measurement Distance

Measures speed at the unit's location only

Tracks, measures and displays object's speed at up to 5 distances programmed by the user




Set-up and

Entire firing line must go cold to set up and align the equipment directly in front of the firing line and again to remove it

The unit needs to be within 24" of the muzzle. Ours will initially be mounted to a plate that sets next to the shooter

Environmental Considerations Impacting Functionality

- Not enough sunshine
- Too much sunshine
- Florescent Lighting (Indoor)
- Tungsten Lighting (Indoor)
- Changing light conditions



Projectile must be fired through a small opening, and must be parallel to and no more than roughly 6-10 inches above the sensors

The muzzle needs to be somewhere within a 24 inch area around the unit.


The muzzle blast of magnum calibers or smoky reloads requires the unit to be set up further from the firing line


Replacement Parts

Manufacturers keep high profit margin replacement parts that are subject to bullet strikes readily available


Power Source

2-each 'AA' or a single 9-v Transistor Battery
External Batteries

6-each 'AA' Batteries or a rechargeable USB battery pack


- IR Lighting Kits
- Incandescent Lighting Kits
- Printers
- Carrying Cases
- Remote Control Switches
- 12 V Car Adapters

- SD Cards (files can be saved)
- USB Cable to download files
- Bench Mount Plate
- Padded Carrying Case
- Tripod

Unit Price



* Published Accuracy Specification for the Shooting Chrony Alpha and Alpha Master chronographs

** Prices are for the base unit and/or combo packages of 2-sensor optical chronographs. Accessories such as optional lighting systems, lighting battery packs, etc. and replacement parts that are commonly shot up are readily available for extra fees.

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