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Brass Tacks Munitions

We have launched a new company called Brass Tacks Munitions to provide an expanded line of goods and services separate from English Pit Shooting Range and at its own unique location.

Brass Tacks Munitions began as an eCommerce web site that has now transitioned into a full fledged gun store on the west side of Vancouver. The web site will be evolving to feature the retail store and have a link to an updated eCommerce site.

Our start-up operating motto goes something like - Our inventory may be modest in size, but we have a DEEEEEP supply chain. To that end, handguns not in stock can be custom ordered and delivered in as little as 2 days, long guns in about 5 days.

Users of English Pit Shooting Range have periodically asked us if, when and how are we going to sell off our range firearm rental inventory. The now clear answer is that rentals we are parting with will be refurbished and placed for sale at the retail store. We are now preparing a number of the firearms for sale.

We plan on being open 7-days a week, after all, we are a service industry! The hours of operation may fluctuate a bit as we get started and we appreciate your patience as we work to manage the hours!

We welcome your consignments and are interested in purchasing your used guns and especially estates.

We will continue to expand our goods and services at both the English Pit Shooting Range and Brass Tacks Munitions. Check back often, send us an email, phone us up or best of all, stop by our store at:

Brass Tacks Munitions
7939 NE St. Johns Road
Vancouver, WA 98665

You can also check our Facebook page!

We hope to see you there!

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