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English Pit Shooting Range Sign-in Process

In October, 2018 we moved from a pencil & paper based range sign-in process to an all electronic replacement.

While this has been seen as a very favorable move to the majority of our quests it has raised some questions and concerns.

Here, we hope to better detail why we moved to an all electronic process, answer questions and try to help dispel fears.

Why move to an all electronic system?

  • Streamline the sign-in process
    While the first time someone signs into the system they do have to spend more time filling in the information, all follow-on visits only require someone to enter their phone number, click a few boxes and sign their name on a kiosk.

  • Automatically track loyalty program
    Remember the punch cards we would hand out? The ones that many would lose or forget to bring to the range? This new system automatically tracks and updates your loyalty points allowing us to phase out the punch cards!

  • Allows guests to opt in for special offers or programs
    One of the data elements collected are email addresses. Federal law requires that anyone collecting email addresses allow people to opt out from allowing their use for marketing materials, promotions, etc. If you would like to take advantage of any emails or texts you will need to be opted in.

  • Simplify back end office work
    The information included in the old paper-based system was manually transferred into a database. This new system eliminates this tedious, costly and error prone activity.

  • Ensures that we have accurate and readable information
    We need reliable information so that, if the need arises, we are able to contact those that have visited the range. We will no longer have to try to read/decipher hand written information. The need to contact range visitors varies from trying to locate someone who might have left something at the range during a day to more serious accidents.

  • Reduces cost while improving the user experience
    The new process is faster, improves data integrity, reduces range costs and has been seen as an overall improvement by most who have so far used it.

  • Enables us to send special promotions, coupons, general announcements, etc. to those who opt onto the email list
    Many good things are coming to the range. Those who allow us to use their email addresses will be the first to learn about range news and updates. Certain promotions such as discounts, etc. will only be available to those who have opted into the list.

  • Manages the Banned Visitor list
    Sadly, there are those people, who for a variety of reasons, have been banned from using the range. We don't like it, but for everyones safety we are obligated to prevent certain people from using the range. The new sign-in process allows us to easily flag a person who has proven that they should not be allowed onto the facility. The system will not allow a banned individual to progress beyond the login page. This system along with the list of banned individuals will be migrated to the new, replacement range once operational.

    A few examples of how a person can be banned from our (or any other range) can include
  • Unsafe gun handling
  • Refusal to follow range rules
  • Debating our range rules with the RSO's
  • Feeling they should be exempt from our range rules
  • Exhibit an acrimonious view towards the range, staff or management
  • Promote a slanderous view of the range (shows ill will towards the range rules)

  • Questions and concerns that we've heard

  • Is the database secure
    Yes. The sign-in application itself and resulting collected data is managed by an experienced third party provider on their servers who uses the latest security standards to protect the application and data.

  • Will my email address be sold
    No. The third party provider does not and the operators of the range will not sell, lease, loan, etc. any information to any other entity unless required by law enforcement.

  • Who has access to the database
    The third party content provider obviously has access to the database to ensure that it is maintained, backed up and can provide support to us. On the range side, only certain management personnel has the ability to query the database.

  • Can I opt out of receiving email and text solicitations
    Yes. As a routine part of the sign-in process you are able to opt out from receiving any and all promotional contacts from us. By opting out will prevent you from receiving range updates, promotions, surveys, and so forth. Opting out does not prevent us from contacting you regarding an emergency or range incident.

  • How will the email/text list and database be used
    We intend to use this list to inform participants of range updates, services provided, specials, discount coupons, surveys, and so forth.

  • What happens to the punches I have on my old loyalty card - do I lose those visits?
    Since the new system automatically awards loyalty card awards we will no longer be punching the old paper cards. Instead, our in-house maintenance process we will manually add the existing punches to the electronic system. To do this we will ask you for your partially used card, add your name and phone number to the card and submit the card to the maintenance process who will manually add the previous visits.

  • What if I don't wish to provide the information needed to complete the sign-in process?
    The process requires that all information be supplied. Should the guest refuse to provide that information, they do not agree to the terms and conditions to use the range and will therefore not be allowed onto the facility.

    All guests signing in have the option to opt out of receiving any and all promotional emails. However, opting out of receiving email also eliminates the guest from the benefit of receiving and taking advantage of any and all special promotional discounts, packages, programs or events announced and promoted through this and any other system we opt to use.

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